The Module Template
Assessment Summary tab

The Assessment summary tab is one of the most useful tabs for students in the Baseline template. It functions slightly differently that the other tabs, in that that content here is dynamic, and will change based on what Assessments you have tagged on your module. The tab is comprised of the following:

  • Module assessment overview
    This offers you a chance to add in a description of the assessments that students of your module will have to complete. This could be similar text to that which would normally appear in your Module Handbook. Consider including information about the weightings of your assessments, the type of assessments, and when they will be during the teaching block.
  • Summary of summative assessments
    The summary of assessments table is generated automatically by gathering information from the assessments that have been created and tagged as summative on your Module page.
  • Link to assessment support materials
    This is optional, but you may include a link to a section of the page dedicated to providing support material for your assessments if you wish. If you don't include the link when you set up this tab, the link will not appear.

The Assessment tab as it appears on Moodle for academic staff.

Adding your assessments

For your assessments to appear in the Assessment Summary tab you (or your Online Course Developer) must complete the following:

1. Add an assessment

This could be a Turnitin or Moodle Assignment, or perhaps a task that you will be assessing offline.

2. Set up your parameters

Add all the details you usually do to your assessments, the dates that you will start to accept and then close submissions, along with the post date.

3. Tag your assessment

The crucial part, add a summative assessment tag to your assessment – this is what makes it visible in the assessment summary tab.

Please see the Assessment section in setting up the Module Template for more information on how to tag and set up late and external system assessments.

Adding different types of assessments

Module page example

On the module page the tab will look similar to the example below:

learning outcomes complete view