Moodle Best Practice Guide
Module pages

As part of our research into producing the new Moodle template, the student feedback we gathered, showed that consistency in content (and position of content) across modules was a popular request. Students want to be able to access the same information on each of their module sites, in the same place if possible.

This type of consistency, especially cross department or faculty, can be hard to achieve, so we have set up a demonstration Moodle site that shows an ideal layout for a course site.

In the table below we have included items that we would strongly suggest should be on your module pages, informed both by our discussions with academic and support staff, as well as feedback received from students.

illustration of an orange 1st place award rosette

Module tabbed block New

The tabbed block which appears at the top of each new Moodle module is the suggested location for much of the information that has been previously available in module handbooks. This block will contain information such as the Welcome message to students, Module Overview, Learning Outcomes of the module and Assessment Summary.

Module handbook

You may choose to include the module handbook in addition to the information in the tabbed block, however you should ensure that this information matches, so as not to confuse students over which information is correct. Many students may prefer this downloadable version and should be able to access this easily, as and when they need it.

Contact details

The contact details of the module lead or those that teach on the module should be clearly visible. Our new contact information block is now our advised space to hold this informtion – you can enter your details in the settings, and the information will be presented to students in a clear and consistent way.

Header image

A well chosen header image can help create a memorable visual impact for your module. Read our header image guidance for more information on choosing the perfect image.