at the University of Portsmouth

What is the Moodle Baseline?

Informed by the University

Created as a result of research and consultation with academic and support staff, and of course, students, the Moodle Baseline at the University of Portsmouth is a template for the key information in each Moodle module. The Moodle Baseline directly addresses repeated student feedback for more consistency in Moodle modules.


There's two sides to the story

The Baseline is a combination of a Module template and a set of best practice that content creators can follow. In this way the University can provide a consistent and comprehensive online learning experience for all of our students at the University of Portsmouth.

Preserving creativity

The Baseline provides the building blocks for Moodle modules whilst preserving the freedom for academics to create rich engaging and collaborative activities for students.


Getting started with Moodle Baseline

The two sections of this site deal with the two components that make up the Moodle Baseline project. The first details the Module Template, and this is the best place to start learning about the Moodle Baseline. The second offers a set of best practice and standards that should be followed when creating all of your Moodle content.

Module Template
Moodle Best Practice